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For the social development of the Philippines,MaxBox aims to become a FinTech solution provider which enriches people's lives in the aspects of “people, goods, and money,”
2019 February   All the staff passed the test of AML (Anti Money Laundering) seminar performed by BSP.
2018 October   The endorsement of virtual currency license was issued to us by BSP.
2018 September   We had a meeting with BSP at our office for the final check.
AI によるビックデータを活用した経済  活動の最適化

Recently, virtual currencies and their underlying technologies, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, have been evolving rapidly.
By following and using these technologies, we will provide the next generation of FinTech solutions pursuing convenience, transparency, and safety in a wide range of applications,
such as:
•Infrastructure for instant electronic payments at shops, such as Internet shops and shopping malls around the world
•Proposals and settlements of optimal settlement conditions in business transactions between companies
•Instantaneous international remittance to families, friends, and business partners living around the world

The Blockchain technology allows for the realization of a distributed ledger, enabling financial transactions and important data exchanges that require high reliability on an open network, such as the Internet.
By sharing information using Blockchain, data linkage becomes easy, and it ensures the validity and consistency of the contents, enabling a secure environment that prevents camouflage and tampering.

Smart Contract is a system that makes promised programs and contracts that were previously exchanged using Blockchain in a form that makes tampering with them difficult, and it enables automatic execution when conditions are met.
Because processing is done automatically, it is possible to shorten the settlement period, prevent illegality, reduce the cost by reducing intermediaries, and so on.

Blockchain,Smart Contract による、  セキュアで堅実な取引の実行

Due to the rapid progress of technology, big data is becoming scattered around the world faster than humans can manage it.
We provide an AI solution that collects, analyzes, classifies, and manages distributed big data and that proposes and executes information in an optimized state when necessary.

We focus on not only individual corporations, but also borderless settlement and evaluation and optimization in economic activities.
In the modern accelerating borderless society, business tie-ups, contracts, settlements, and M&A are frequently conducted among businesses across countries.
However, many changes can turn into risks for the future, such as in the demand and supply of goods and services, the commissions and conditions of financial institutions, exchange rates, politics, economics, natural disasters, etc.
By collecting and associating the big data related to these changes with AI, we can minimize the risks assumed in advance.
In addition, by utilizing Blockchain and Smart Contracts, we can offer proposals that realize more transparent and reliable economic activities in real time.

Overseas human network not only in Japan and the US, but also in Asia and Europe.
Experience/knowledge of users/businesses at major and venture companies.
Overwhelming ability for technological development based on a wealth of experience in and knowledge of the development of DB/DS products, as well as customized sales for large companies.
Track records of the development of and services for Internet- and mobile-related products, in addition to those for large companies.
Over 10 years' experience in the application of the DB/BigData processing of AI/algorithm technologies that are incorporating the biological target-level algorithm and random walk theory.

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MaxBox Arrows International Inc.

BGC, Taguig City, Metro Manila 1630 Philippines


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